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The Affordable Accuracy Plus Monitor is back!  See here for details.

We are pleased to announce the return of the fully-assembled BMR Monitor!  

Due to the popularity of BMR Monitor abroad, we have been able to arrange extra production for domestic customers.  The BMR's come in elegant furniture-grade stained walnut cabinets with magnetic grills, and feature a new six-inch ceramic woofer that has allowed us to increase sensitivity while still maintaining useful bass response to 34 Hz.  The RAAL ribbon tweeter and BMR midrange are unchanged.  The BMR is priced at $1,700/pair plus shipping.  If you wish to order or have questions, just write to us at

For DIY enthusiasts and those of you wishing BMR custom cabinets in a wide variety of veneers and finishes, we are also continuing the options detailed below.  The kit and Salk custom versions of the BMR use the original Scan Speak 8545-01 woofer. For reviews of this BMR with complete Spinorama measurements, see and  For on and off-axis measurements of the new model BMR, click here

These speakers are awesome.  The tonality revealed things in songs I’d never heard before. ... The resolution reveals little details such as slight inflections in voices and even accentuates the breathing-in of a vocalist before they begin their next line.  It was a new experience for me to hear these kind of details.  The soundstage is incredibly large and well balanced and the reflections in the room help to extend the soundstage to a size I’ve yet to hear from another speaker to date.
      Erin's Audio Corner, July 18, 2020

BMR Specifications

Cabinet Mirror Walnut Veneer with Ruby Stain
Tweeter RAAL 64-10 OEM
Midrange Tectonic Balanced Mode Radiator 2.5"
Woofer SB Acoustics 6" Ceramic
Frequency Response 36 Hz - 20kHz (+ / - 2db) Anechoic
Sensitivity 86.5 dB (dB/2.83v/1M)
Box Alignment Bass Reflex
Dimensions 20" H x 8" W x 12-1/2" D
Weight 32 lbs each
Impedance 4 Ohms

Other BMR Purchase Options

A finished version in a wide variety of veneers and finishes is available through Salk Sound for $2,395/pr - $2,595/pr, depending on finish.  You can also build your own BMR's at lower cost by purchasing a kit version from Meniscus Audio.  The Meniscus kit includes all of the crossover parts, hardware, drivers, and plans for about $940/pr.  Meniscus will also assemble and wire the crossovers for $105/pr.  If you don't wish to build your own cabinets from scratch, Leland Crooks at Speaker Hardware will provide Baltic Birch flat packs for $149 - $169 a side depending on the quality of the birch veneer.