Philharmonic Audio

Philharmonic Audio Loudspeakers are designed to meet the needs of audio enthusiasts who value serious engineering over exotic wires, designer capacitors, or cabinetry fashion statements.  We strive to provide the most accurate loudspeakers possible at an affordable price.  Our prices range from $175/pr for the Affordable Accuracy Monitor to $3,300/pr for the top-of-the-line Philharmonic 3.

Our three-way floor-standing models feature an open-back midrange configuration to provide added depth and spaciousness to the soundstage without imposing restrictions on room placement.  These speakers also incorporate transmission line bass tuning optimized by Paul Kittinger, based on precise mathematical models developed by Martin King.  Paul also designed the transmission line cabinets for the popular Salk Song Tower and HT2 loudspeakers.  The crossover networks for all Philharmonic speakers were developed by Dennis Murphy, who has a proven track record in crossover designs for Salk Sound, Ellis Audio, and many popular public domain kits, such as the MBOW1 and CAOW1.  The cabinets for our 3-way speakers are hand-crafted to order in the USA.  Click on the "Cabinets" tab for details on the cabinet makers and available veneers.

The Philharmonic Lineup

The Philharmonic 3

Our flagship speaker spans the entire audio spectrum using a RAAL ribbon tweeter, an open-back planar midrange, and the Scan Speak Revelator 8" woofer in a folded transmission line cabinet.  For details and measurements, click here.

The Slims Tower

Our newest speaker closely matches the sound of the Philharmonic 3, but with a smaller footprint and a substantially lower price of only $2,000/pr.  Click here for details.

The Philharmonitor

Our premium bookshelf speaker combines the open and refined sound of a ribbon tweeter with surprisingly deep bass response from the 6.5" SB Acoustics woofer for only $850/pr.  Read more about the Philharmonitor here.

Affordable Accuracy H T and music speakers

These tower, monitor, and center channel speakers provide highly accurate sound for prices that range from only $100 for the center channel to $275/pr for the towers.  The very popular Affordable Accuracy monitor is priced at only $175/pr.  See details and measurements here.