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The Absolute Sound names the Philharmonic BMR Monitor and associated electronics one of the top five inspirational systems at the 2022 Capital AudioFest!

Reviewer Andrew Quint concludes:  "This one truly is a “budget system” that sounds better than it has any right to sound (and, in the case of the speakers, looks better than it has any right to look.)"  The total cost of the Philharmonic system was $3,800, including speakers and electronics.  Prices for the four other systems ranged from $24,000 to $90,000.

Our BMR Monitor is the run-away winner at Speakerfest 2022 In Phoenix, Arizona!

The Arizona Audio and Video club recently hosted a speaker demonstration of 16 stand mount speakers priced at or below $3,000/pair.  Most of our competitors sent entries, including Buchardt, KEF, ATC, Sonus Faber, Tekton, Monitor Audio, GoldenEar, GR Research, Polk, and Totem.  Attendees listened to the speakers throughout the day and were asked to list their first, second, and third-place choices.  The BMR monitors received more 1st place votes than all of the other speakers combined, and 5 times as many as the next-most-popular speaker.  You can see all the results here.

Not a resident of the USA?  We are an international-friendly shipper. 
The new HT Tower can be air-shipped anywhere in the world for just $400/pair. 
Macau?  Australia?  Austria?  India?  Sweden?  Canada? 
We've been there.

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And if you want to hear just how good your BMR's can sound, check out our demonstration tracks available here.