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Our BMR Monitor is the run-away winner at Speakerfest 2022 In Phoenix, Arizona!

The Arizona Audio and Video club recently hosted a speaker demonstration of 16 stand mount speakers priced at or below $3,000/pair.  Most of our competitors sent entries, including Buchardt, KEF, ATC, Sonus Faber, Tekton, Monitor Audio, GoldenEar, GR Research, Polk, and Totem.  Attendees listened to the speakers throughout the day and were asked to list their first, second, and third-place choices.  The BMR monitors received more 1st place votes than all of the other speakers combined, and 5 times as many as the next-most-popular speaker.  You can see all the results here.

The New BMR Tower

Although our BMR monitor provides exemplary bass extension down to 34 Hz, true full range performance requires a larger cabinet and a larger woofer.  Working with Paul Kittinger, who is an expert in transmission line design, we have developed a mass-loaded transmission line cabinet that utilizes the same 8-inch Scan Speak Revelator woofer that performed so well in the Philharmonic Model 3.  In our opinion, the Revelator woofer is the finest available in this size class and provides flat in-room response to 25 Hz with absolutely no port noise.  Useful response extends to 20 Hz, which you can test for yourself using our demonstration tracks.  Detailed specifications for the Revelator woofer are here.

In addition, the use of two BMR midrange units in an MTM configuration further improves power handling and provides increased clarity in the lower treble and upper midrange.  We recently demonstrated the BMR Tower at the Capital Audiofest in Washington, D.C.  The Absolute Sound magazine named the Towers "Best Bargain" at the show and had this to say about their performance and aesthetics,

The speakers fared extremely well on both large-scale orchestral and chamber music.  On the basis of sonics alone, the speakers are a bargain; add in the exquisite carpentry and finish and they become an incredible bargain.

A full review of the BMR Tower with extensive measurements can be found here.  The Audioholics reviewer sums up his impressions as follows:

With an almost totally neutral response out to such a wide angle, those who want accurate sound reproduction do receive it in these speakers.  They add nothing nor do they subtract anything from what is in the original recording ... the BMR Towers could easily be used as studio monitors for any sound engineer who wants to know the truth of their recording.
      Audioholics Review, November 3, 2021

To order any of the tower models, just email Dennis at  For specifications and full measurements of the new BMR Tower, click here.  We currently have all of the BMR tower finish options in stock.  These include piano black and piano rosewood for $3,900/pair plus shipping, and a new satin "zebra wood" finish (pictured to the left) for $4,100/pair plus shipping.  Depending on how far you are from Washington, D.C., shipping for the towers will range from $260/pair to $310/pair.

The BMR Monitor

The Philharmonic BMR Monitor is one of the best deals going in bookshelf speakers. At $1,700, the BMR outclasses everything I’ve heard in its price range.  The BMR has room-filling dispersion, superb tonal balance, and a low-end reach that belies its size.  Budget-minded audiophiles simply need to hear the BMR.

There are many choices for high quality bookshelf speakers at less than $2,000 a pair.  These offerings tend to be smaller 2-way designs with limited bass reach and restricted horizontal dispersion.  What has been missing is a 3-way design with deep bass response and drivers that offer true 180-degree frontal radiation.  Our BMR Monitor fills that void.  The RAAL true ribbon tweeter provides unparalleled horizontal dispersion and ruler flat response up to frequencies far above human hearing.  The unique Balanced Mode Radiator midrange matches the broad dispersion of the RAAL tweeter, thanks to a shift from pistonic to a bending motion well below the crossover point.  Finally, the ceramic SB Acoustics 6-inch woofer delivers a rare combination of deep bass extension and linear frequency response at higher frequencies.  Useful bass response extends to 34 Hz, and the smooth upper end allows a second-order acoustic crossover that boosts sensitivity more than 2 dB over the previous BMR model.  All of the rectangular BMR's are priced at $1,700/pair, plus shipping, and come in either piano black or rosewood cabinets.  The curved cabinets are $1,900/pair plus shipping and are available in either rosewood or the new satin zebra wood finish shown above on the BMR tower.  All BMR cabinets are furniture quality and come with magnetic grills.  We have sold out of the piano black BMR monitors, but all of the other cabinet options are currently in stock. 

To order, please email Dennis at

Specifications and full measurements for the BMR can be found here.

Other BMR Purchase Options

A finished version in a wide variety of veneers and finishes is available through Salk Sound for $2,395/pr - $2,595/pr, depending on finish.  You can also build your own BMR's at lower cost by purchasing a kit version from Meniscus Audio.  The Meniscus kit includes all of the crossover parts, hardware, drivers, and plans for about $940/pr.  Meniscus will also assemble and wire the crossovers for $105/pr.  If you don't wish to build your own cabinets from scratch, Leland Crooks at Speaker Hardware will provide Baltic Birch flat packs for $149 - $169 a side depending on the quality of the birch veneer.

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And if you want to hear just how good your BMR's can sound, check out our demonstration tracks available here.